Thursday, 11 August 2011

Protect The Value Of Your Assets With Preventative Maintenance Solutions

Each major building repair that your property requires is not only costly; it also threatens the overall value of your biggest assets. Stay on top of potential problems with effective preventative maintenance solutions from an experienced and knowledgeable facility maintenance company. Not only will a regular maintenance schedule help prevent problems; it will also lead to higher asset appreciation and better aesthetic appeal.
Indoor And Outdoor Maintenance Solutions
Just because you don't have a building repair to do, doesn't mean there aren't maintenance tasks to be completed. There are many benefits to hiring a facilities maintenance company to formulate preventative maintenance solutions and plans so that you can appropriately anticipate upcoming costs and expenses.
Important aspects of this plan should include:
• An annual checkup to ensure compliance of safety and fire codes
• An outdoor lawn maintenance schedule
• A comprehensive and regular cleaning service for common areas
• Regular checkups and maintenance of major trade services (such as HVAC, boiler systems, gas services, etc.)
Preventative Maintenance Results In Significant Savings
Being able to accurately anticipate your annual maintenance and repair costs means that you can properly allocate your capital throughout the year. Regular checkups performed by a skilled professional will help machinery and systems run longer and more efficiently, saving money in the long run.
A full-service company will be able to provide you with both short-term and long-term planning, as well as let you know when to expect equipment replacement. All of this means more effective use of cash-flow and fewer property management emergencies.
Accurate Record Keeping Helps With Building Repair
When you take your car into the shop, the technicians may ask when the last service was performed on the vehicle. The same thing happens when a building repair comes up, and diagnostic evaluation can be made faster and easier with proper records on hand. Part of effective maintenance solutions includes a comprehensive schedule and record of all checkups and maintenance performed on each system on the property. In addition, having clear records makes it easy to see what preventative services need to be completed, and what areas might require repair or replacement.
Preventative Maintenance Solutions Ensure Compliance For Safety And Insurance
Part of preventative maintenance solutions includes ensuring that all facility systems are within state or federal compliance guidelines, as well as within OHSA requirements. Not only does this mean fewer safety concerns, it also means that obtaining insurance is easier with evidence of proper maintenance.
What Types Of Building Repair Might Be Needed?
A company that is willing to help prepare maintenance solutions for your facility or complex should also be licensed and experience for building repair. To keep a property up to code, building repair items may include general carpentry, painting, glass replacement, doors and windows, brick and stucco repairs, or work on walls, closets, and counter tops.
Protect the value of your assets and save money by staying ahead of building repair costs with a regular schedule of preventative maintenance solutions.
Chris Harmen is a writer for Tru-Serve, a building maintenance building repair company that provides professional facility maintenance maintenance solutions throughout the Twin cities (Minneapolis, MN and St. Paul, MN.)
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